LENOVO 500 FULL HD internetinė kamera (be mikrofono)


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A USB Video Class (UVC) compliant video camera designed for teleconferencing applications on desktop or laptop. It's a reliable digital video device to transfer video data with HD quality through a high-speed USB interface in Full HD mode.It's easy to operate, and functional mechanical mechanism creates an excellent user experience. It feeds or streams its image in real-time through a computer to a computer network, and also delivers fast and secure facial recognition for Windows Hello.

  • Enjoy pixel-perfect high definition FHD 1080P video
  • Effortless automatic login with facial recognition technology
  • Plug-and-play USB connectivity for easy setup
  • Capture everything with wide view 75° lense plus 360° pan/tilt controls
  • Premium quality internal slicing privacy shutter
  • Type C to A connections support any PC or notebook
  • Windows Hello 4.X compatible
  • Extra long 1.8m replaceable cable